A downloadable game for Windows

Two-player local multiplayer competitive action game; Use your shovel to stack sand to escape the rising tide or to slap your foe!

Controls: (Controllers recommended!)
Move: Left stick
Jump: A (Xbox)
Pick up block/SLAP: Right bumper (Xbox)
Place block/STACK: Right trigger (Xbox)

Made in 20 hours by 6 people, for most of us our first time using Godot.

Erik Selecky
AJ Weeks
Joe Flood (website: TinyGoose)
Tom Read Cutting
Daniel Szendrei
Jonas De Maeseneer

View the source here: https://github.com/electric-jammers/slappin-stackers
Made with Godot Engine 3.2 beta 2


SlappinStackers.zip 13 MB

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